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Presas Brothers

Presas Arnis

Presas Arnis is a relatively recent term used to denote a blend of two or more of the Presas Family systems.

What is "Presas Arnis"?

Presas Arnis is a term used by a variety of instructors and organizations that blend together Modern Arnis, Kombatan, and/or Hinigaran Arnis de Mano.  It is a relatively recent term that's become more popular as people cross train in the Presas Family systems.

Most varieties in North America have Modern Arnis as the base, with concepts/drills borrowed in from the other Presas Family styles.  It is also very common for Presas Arnis systems to include material from other closely related styles and arts, such as Balintawak, Doce Pares, and other FMA influences.

One instructor's "Presas Arnis" will be usually similar to another, but often differentiate what, when, and how material from the other Presas Family systems are integrated into the curriculum.

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