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Our Process for Adding Instructors

What's our criteria for inclusion?  How long does it take to get added? How do instructors get removed?  Your questions answered here.

Criteria for Inclusion

We started this site with a few schools to get us going, but after publication, we require that anyone who wants to be added to the Presas Legacy North American Instructor Directory submit a form via our website, with the fields filled out as completely as possible.

The submission must be made by the primary instructor or group leader of the group being included.  We MUST have a training address to add your listing to our map.  Your primary training location must be in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico).  Yes, that includes Hawaii and US territories, including Puerto Rico.


Please specify which of the Presas Family arts you primarily teach (Modern Arnis, Kombatan, Hinigaran Arnis de Mano, or Presas Arnis); we will include that on your listing.

Upon submission, we will contact you via email within 7-10 days to verify your information as submitted and to make sure there isn't any additional information to add in the listing comments.

If you do not reply to our verification email within 7 days, we will not add your listing and you will have to re-submit the form to be included.

We include EVERYONE teaching a Presas Family lineage style. The politics of who gets along with who or the personal feelings of the site administrators is not a consideration. Listing in the Directory is NOT an endorsement of the individual or group listed. 

How Long Does it Take to Get Added to the Instructor Listing?

We run this site around our jobs, schools, families, and running our own Presas Arnis program (and all that entails).  We promise that we will get to verification & listing as fast as we can, but please be patient.

Our goal is to get a listing added to the map within 2 weeks of verification.  Once it is added, we'll email you to let you know it's live.  Please link back to the Directory main url ( listing from your own web site (or share our existence in your social media) once your listing is live.

What about Organizations? 

We don't have the capability to load lists of schools associated to organizations.  Each school/instructor/group has to be submitted individually.


That being said, if you are a member of any of the various organizations in the Presas Family martial arts systems world, feel free to add that to the comments of your listing (you can add more than one if you like - lots of us are members of more than one!).


At this time we will not have additional listings just for organizations. That may be a future enhancement if there's demand and time to make it happen.

What about Ranks & Titles? 

The app we are using for the listing does not allow us to add additional fields, and that includes ranks of the instructor(s) at the schools.  The field for additional commentary associated to your listing should be used to note what you teach, any special instructions on how to connect with you, and if you like, a basic training schedule (like "Sundays at 5:30" or "Tue-Thu 7:30").

We strongly advise you to make sure that your website / social media link that you submit for your Directory listing has all of the relevant biographical information for the instructor(s) at your location, including all ranks and titles associated to them.

If you are listed as an individual, and not an organization, we will not include your rank or title as part of your first or last name.  Sorry.


Corrections & Modifications

We will modify/correct listings upon notification via email from the primary contact/instructor.  We will acknowledge & verify all such requests before the change is made.

Modification includes change of school/group name, change of address, change of primary instructor, change of phone number, change of email, update of web site, new domain, new social media site, etc, as well as update of information in the memo field of the listing (such as association/disassociation with an organization).

Please allow up to 2 weeks for listing modification after the request has been acknowledged.

Removal of Listings

This site is for ACTIVE instructors.  We do not want to have potential students find you, only to find you're no longer actively teaching or accepting students.We will remove listings that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Written request by instructor / authorized person associated to the instructor/group listed to be removed.  We would appreciate notification if you decide to close your group or cease teaching. In case of death of the main contact, we need a confirmation that the instructor is deceased before we remove the listing.

  2. Lack of response to inquiries.  If three separate site users report to us that they reached out to an instructor listed and got no response, and we reach out and also get no response, the listing will be considered inactive and will be removed.   Inactive listings can be added again via the normal process for adding listings.  Once a listing is gone, it has to be recreated, it cannot be restored.

  3. Lack of response to site administrators.  If we email you twice in 30 days, and you do not respond to us in a timely manner, we have to assume you are not an active listing and it will be removed.

If any listing is removed by deception or fraud (such as falsely representing an instructor/school as no longer active), the individual(s) perpetrating the deception or fraud will be removed from this listing and permanently excluded.​

Who's Behind the Presas Legacy North American Instructor Directory?

Presas Legacy is a labor of love project created by, managed, and paid for by Jackie & Kevin Bradbury.

We have personally experienced the difficulty in finding people to train within the Presas Family arts ourselves.  We want to make sure anyone who wants to train in the arts we love dearly gets the chance to do so, and not from a lack of finding someone in their own back yard (that literally happened to us - buy us a beer while we're at a seminar or camp or while you are visiting us in Kansas City and we'll tell you the preposterous story).

We have input from a variety of folks within our community, but ultimately, all content on the Presas Legacy North American Instructor Directory is our responsibility.

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Questions? Concerns?  Feel Free to reach out to us!

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