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Hinigaran Arnis de Mano

Hinigaran Arnis de Mano is the arnis / escrima / kali / eskrima system founded and developed by Roberto Presas. 

About Hinigaran Arnis de Mano

Hinigaran Arnis de Mano is a Filipino martial arts system that was founded by Roberto Presas based on his training in Karate, Judo, and Modern Arnis. It is characterized by its emphasis on long-range striking, powerful movements, and a focus on proper stance and movement before developing speed and complexity.

Here are some of the key characteristics of Hinigaran Arnis de Mano:

  • Long-range striking: Hinigaran Arnis de Mano practitioners are trained to strike from a distance, using strong and powerful techniques to keep their opponents at bay.

  • Powerful movements: Hinigaran Arnis de Mano techniques are designed to generate maximum power, with an emphasis on efficient and effective use of the body's leverage.

  • Emphasis on stance and movement: Hinigaran Arnis de Mano practitioners spend a great deal of time developing proper stance and movement, ensuring that they are well-grounded and able to move efficiently and effectively.

  • Old-style system: Hinigaran Arnis de Mano is considered an "old style" system, with a focus on traditional techniques and methods.

  • Self-defense: Hinigaran Arnis de Mano is a practical self-defense system, and practitioners learn to apply their techniques in a variety of situations.


Hinigaran Arnis de Mano is a comprehensive martial arts system that can be a valuable tool for self-defense and personal development. It is a challenging and rewarding art to learn, and its practitioners are known for their skill, power, and discipline.

About Roberto Presas

Born in Hinigaran, Negros Occidental, Philippines, he was the son of Jose B. Presas and Lucia Amador, and brother to Remy Presas and Ernesto Presas. Roberto became interested in the martial arts at an early age.

He began training in karate in 1960 at the age of 13, followed by the Presas Family Style of Arnis, in 1967. In 1973 he became an instructor in Ernesto Presas. After attaining the rank of Grandmaster (making him the 3rd Presas Grandmaster), Roberto decided to introduce his personal system of Hinigaran Arnis de Mano to the public.

Currently he is training Police forces in the Philippines as well as offering classes to the public three times a week and working to spread his system internationally.

Biography source:  Roberto Presas

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